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A range of Hens available

Hens- 1 Hybrids, Pure & Rare Breeds

(Ask For Advice On The Best Variety To Suit Your Circumstances)

Rare breeds of hens

We have more than 40 varieties of rare-breed hens that range from one-day-old chicks to adult hens. As different birds breed in different seasons, they produce earlier or later in the year, depending on their breed. Call Stonehouse Farm!

We are members of the Rare Breed Co-operative, which is why we have access to other breeders, So, if we don’t have a particular breed with us, chances are we can source it for you. We serve clients throughout the UK.

High quality poultry farming

Farming birds in particularly free-range markets, we have 3 of our own breeds on the commercial side, which are only available through Stonehouse Farm, as well as rare breeds. Most of our birds are vaccinated, and we provide a guarantee ondelivery. There aren’t any limitations on order sizes, so let us cater to your specific requirements. We deliver to poultry enthusiasts who just want a couple of birds, as well as larger businesses.

Flexible service

We are open to the public 7 days a week, simply book an appointment with us to chat about your individual needs.

There is nothing that tastes quite so fine as a fresh egg from your own chickens

Check our poultry page for Geese, Ducks, Phesants, Quail & Turkeys

Commercial layers

We have a wide range of commercial layers, including:

  • Rhode Rocks
  • Naked Necks
  • Marans
  • Barred Rocks
    Bowesmoor Brown Hens can lay over 300 eggs per year free range! Birds now available at point of lay.We also have a wide range of farm animals in our care. Contact us if you wish to add any of them to your farm’s family.

Pure bred hens

To enquire about the breeds of hens, pheasants and quails we have, please call, text or email Stonehouse Farm on